Find power on your plate with Plantable.

  • Improve your performance
  • Increase your energy
  • Work out harder
  • Reduce recovery time

Ready to increase performance and transform your health?

Plantable makes it easy. It’s like having your very own plant-based chef and a personal nutrition coach to optimize your performance.

Your all-in-one program for
​improved athletic performance.

  • Chef-crafted plant-based meals.
  • Your personal nutrition coach.
  • Daily education.

Begin your transformation with Plantable

Jumpstart your fitness goals and see results in 28 days with Plantable.


Daily education to guide you through your transformation.


Plantable’s chefs prepare delicious, satiating plant-based meals for you!

Personal coaching

Unlimited one-on-one support from your personal coach.

Leave the heavy lifting in the kitchen to us!

Plantable makes it easy with delicious plant-based, chef-crafted meals delivered to your door, with all the tools you need for success.

The Plantable results are in

Head Trainer at Chelsea Piers, Brooklyn 

Oscar Colon

Here’s what happened with the 28-day Reboot:
  • Lost 11 lbs
  • Body fat reduced from 15.6 to 10.6%
  • Muscle mass unchanged at 95 lbs

“I was amazed at the transformation. I was able to work out for longer and transform my body. I love it and am telling my clients to eat more plants.”


Olympic Medalist and Plantable Fan

Dotsie Bausch

Went plant-based while training for the Olympics:
  • Transformed her performance
  • Won Silver at the 2012 London Games
  • At 39, the oldest woman ever to win a medal

“Plantable’s menus and powerful plant foods, which come conveniently packed and ready to eat, will power your sport, your life and your health. I am a major fan.”


Which program is right for you?

  • Reboot

Our signature 28-day program will transform how you look and feel

$175 per week, for 4 weeks

  • Four weeks of 12 delicious, fully-prepared meals, ready in minutes
  • Filled with nutrients and plant-based protein
  • Unlimited support from your personal nutrition coach
  • 28 days of education – understand what is driving the change in your body
  • Experience a full-body reset
  • Quickstart

Our fast one-week reset to get you
into the groove


  • 12 delicious, chef-prepared meals
  • Filled with nutrients and plant-based protein
  • Your personal nutrition coach for optimal performance and support
  • Daily education
  • Learn the basics of a plant-based lifestyle

How does it work?

1. Select your program

2. Pick your ship date

3. Receive your meals and
connect with your coach

Transform your life. For good.

Reviews from the Plantable community.

Jean E.
Read More
When I get on the scale each morning, I laugh in amazement. How could I be eating such delicious food, never be hungry, and lose 16 pounds in 16 weeks? It is too easy to believe. Plantable is more than just the food -- the education and individual coaching add tremendous value to the program. Thank you, dear Coach, for revolutionizing my life!!
Alexandra P.
Read More
We really enjoyed the first week of Plantable: there was a lot of variety, the food was delicious and it was so easy to heat it up and eat it! Healthy, satiating, yummy. What more can we ask for?
Audrey T.
Read More
I have lost 4.3 pounds total in the first 2 weeks! That is pretty exciting. I did pretty much everything you can think of the past three months and had not been able to lose even half a pound.
Ali T.
Read More
Loving all the food! I am surprised and pleased with how good it all tastes! I feel great!! Have a lot more energy and very full/satisfied from the meals!
Thelma D.
Read More
It takes great commitment and strong determination for anyone who wants to be healthy and live longer to enjoy life. Plantable meals does an excellent job for me personally in addition to daily exercises. I am so grateful for my daughter to introduce me into this Plantable diet stating that my health is priceless !!!
Diane L.
Read More
Love that I am getting a MUCH wider variety of veggies, grains and greens than I ever ate on my own. My old diet was healthy but limited. No doubt this is one of many reasons I feel so satisfied after each meal, and the food is yummy!
David P.
Read More
Thank you for being a wonderful coach and getting me through the rough spots!!! I am loving each of my meals! So much variety. I am excited at each meal not bored! I am working hard on recognizing patterns and changing my thinking.

The science
behind Plant Power.

A whole food plant-based diet is scientifically proven to improve our health. It strengthens our immune system by reducing inflammation and keeps us strong and energized by releasing a steady stream of nutrients into the body. The results? You’ll feel better, have more energy and look amazing. You’ll workout harder, recover faster, and become stronger. All your friends will ask you what you’ve been doing!

The health benefits of plant-based eating.

Improves heart health

A plant-based diet naturally lowers cholesterol and chronic inflammation. You’ll feel better, sleep better and decrease your risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions. Your heart will thank you.

Weight control

Drop those stubborn extra pounds effortlessly! No calorie counting. No fads. No hunger. Just good, real, nutrient-dense food and watch those pounds melt away.

Lower cancer risk

Up to 50% of all cancer today is driven by lifestyle. A diet rich in plants, and low in added sugar, refined grains, processed foods and animal products strengthens our immune system and lowers the risk for cancer.

Watch to see what the greatest athletes have to say.

Look out for the new documentary, THE GAME CHANGERS, executive produced by James Cameron.

Follow the world’s ultra-athletes on their journey of Plant Power. Learn how they discovered the science behind a plant-based diet and how it catapulted them to the top of their game. Eat more plants, have more power. It’s simple, and genius too!

Join Plantable and top athletes from around the world in a plant-based diet. Watch how you transform your performance, your health and your life.

The world's greatest plant-based athletes.